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Terms & Condisionts
contract Rules between the website operator to the website surfers and users.
surfing Terms surfer must be an adult is 18 years old. If you are not adult, you are required not to browse the site and immediately leave the site. The site operators will not be liable in any way for any Content, and/or contract, and/or use and/or access to the site by all visitors, regardless of age or gender.
 Regulations require the surfers at any surf on the site (the "user"), regardless of whether the surfer review site using a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and/or mechanical means, and/or other optical of any kind.
A Surfer who not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not continue to browse the site. Browsing thesite
, constitutes express consent from the user to any provisions of the Articles and full existence.
The site operators limited liability as set forth in these regulations. The site operators are not responsible for the actions of users on the site and any third parties, including advertisers and service providers, content posted on the Site.
This site is a virtual market, in which various service providers advertise their services. The sole responsibility for the content of publications, including the accuracy
and / or accuracy, and / or the level of services, and / or pictures advertised on the site by service providers rests with the service providers alone !!! For the avoidance of doubt, the operators of the site has no responsibility of any kind the content of publications, including the accuracy and / or accuracy, and / or the level of services, and / or pictures advertised on the site and they do not bear any responsibility for any direct and / or indirect and / or direct expenses, and / or indirect (including rent a lawyers) incurred by surfers, for the purchase of services from advertisers on the site, or any negotiations and conversations or correspondence with advertisers on the site.
This website is not a promotional website for sexual services, website operators will remove immediately any advertising on the site, as it turns out to them, that advertising sex services are prohibited by law. It should be noted that according to Article 205 c (a) ofHaonsin- are prohibited Services of engaging in prostitution. The site operators will remove all advertising discovered that it is a violation of this law.
You can report any information,
and / or inaccuracies in the content of the publications published by the service providers on the site, and / or advertising for sexual services against the law, the session will review the referral and the extent and is found correct, the session will remove reports from the site immediately.
The site operators, can not know the motives of the surfers. The operators no responsibility to identify the
surfers,and/or any responsibility motives surfing. Site users will have no claim and/or demand of any kind against the site operators on this issue.
The operators are not familiar personally with the advertisers.
Surfers hereby declare explicitly their overflow site, they agree that they will have no claim and / or demand of any kind against the website operators and operators of the site will have no liability of any kind and does not bear any responsibility for any damage, whether directly or indirectly and not be held responsible for any expense, whether directly or indirectly, including, among other things fees in cases where: skier will be satisfied with the service provided to him by the advertisers site service providers, illegal activity of any kind would be carried out by surfers during receiving services from service providers advertising on the site, legal expenses of any kind will be required to pay visits on the site, due to the consumption of services by service providers who publish on the site, medical expenses of any kind of site visits, payment, and / or any other consideration, and / or and will be offered as a gift by browsing a website for those who advertiser site service providers, service providers truths images on the site, and / or authenticity of the content services offered by those providers of services on site, and / or complaints of users consuming services advertised on the website the level of cleanliness places are provided services, and / or courteous service providers, and / or time of service, and / or claiming illness of any kind caused by the supply of services, and / or claiming mental anguish because of the provision of services advertised on the site, and / or argument for not receiving adequate compensation for the money paid surf the service provider, and / or interference with the provision of services by a third party which is either a private or whether a corporation, and / or a government agency, and / or any damage alleged to another, whether directly or indirectly, argued done surfer, due to the consumption of services published on the site.
It is forbidden for violation of intellectual property rights of website operators, and/or any third party whatsoever.
The operators will not have any responsibility in the circumstances of the misconduct and abuse of visiting the site. The site operators will work their best to prevent this behavior.
It is forbidden for visitors to do the following, it should be emphasized that this list is not an exhaustive list and there may be other actions prohibited wondered perform by visiting the site: impersonating any person or entity, person tracking, and / or harassing in any way, encouraging false information, and / or misleading and / or prompts, and / or illegal behavior knowingly and / or encourage behavior threatening, obscene, harmful, and / or that constitutes slander and / or defamation, violation of the law of any kind. Begin making all of the acts listed in this section, the surfer vulnerable to lawsuits.
The operators are not responsible for and do not bear any responsibility of any kind, including not for damages indirect and / or direct and indirect expenses incurred by the user of the Site a case where other visitors to the site, including visits unauthorized ( "hackers") will publish and/or transmit offensive material, and/or obscene site and the site operators do not bear any liability for exposure of users to this information.
The site operators will not be liable in any way and did not bear any responsibility, including not direct damages and indirect and / or direct and indirect expenses incurred by the user of the Site in circumstances where a third party whatsoever, including those service businesses advertising on the site, make use of information on the site, and / or actually utilize the services advertised on the site, to hurt submitted.
The operators are not liable to users for any direct and/or indirect damages of any kind caused to them, because browsing the site, even in circumstances where the website operators, and/or messengers